Janitorial Service Scottsdale

We enjoy living and working in clean spaces. People are more relaxed and at ease when they are in a clean environment. For a business, the first impression is usually based on appearance and cleanliness. A regularly cleaned and maintained office building is more appealing than a dirty one and it will show your customers and staff that you care about their comfort. People are more likely to congregate and return when your business is well cleaned. An excellent way to maintain a clean space is by hiring a janitorial service.

HCI Janitorial has recently branched out into Scottsdale and greater Maricopa county. We bring over 15 years of experience with us and have serviced private residences and commercial properties. Our knowledgeable cleaning technicians are efficient and highly trained. They will provide you and your business with excellent customer service and ensure you receive quality cleaning.

Janitorial Service ScottsdaleJanitorial Scottsdale

Janitorial services typically consist of cleaning tasks like emptying trash receptacles, sweeping or vacuuming, and wiping or sanitizing surfaces and high touch objects. Commercial cleaning tends to consist of more specialized cleaning tasks and they normally require non janitorial staff. These tasks require more experience than traditional janitorial services can often provide. 

There is no one size fits all cleaning service that works for every business or organization. Each client has their own specific wants and needs and HCI Janitorial is more than ready to manage your cleaning requirements. After learning about your business, our cleaning technicians will recommend the services that we believe will best meet your criteria. Depending on what those services are, we will then schedule them at an opportune time that will not hinder or disrupt your regular business hours. If any concerns arise or if you have questions ahead of your scheduled cleaning, we will take the time to address your questions in a timely manner. 

Janitorial Cleaning Scottsdale

A well known saying in the world of health care is “one good housekeeper can prevent more infections than a dozen doctors can cure.” Commercial cleaning is something that we at HCI Janitorial undertake with the utmost care and consideration. Our cleaning services should always leave you feeling like your property is as spotless and clean as possible. The quality of work we provide and our reliability is something we pride ourselves on. We know that our clients rely on us to make sure their business is clean and maintained and that  trust is not something we take lightly.

If you’re interested in a consultation for commercial or janitorial cleaning services, reach out to us by phone at (602) 517-0381. Call today!

We also provide commercial cleaning Scottsdale services.

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